"The secret of a discovery is not how it was done
 but that it was done"
Over the next few years we anticipate our organization will build a workable production type Radiant Energy device.
  Qualified engineers and administrators will be hired to do the work of reproducing Henry Moray's discovery.
  We will build our own semiconductors from Moray's description or where possible use substitutes currently found on
  the market.  
Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.
Thank You
Tax Deductable
Edison knew that the electric light was possible, what he had to do was invent
  the filament that would hold up.
Bell knew of Coppersmith's work, what he had to do was add a battery.

We have Henry Moray's notes and it is only a matter of time and 
  money to reproduce his work
The T. Henry Moray Foundation is dedicated to developing any alternative form of energy.
 Our specific work is to standardize and develop a commercial model of T. Henry Moray's "R.E" (Radiant Energy) device.
-energy taken directly from the universe...
t_henry_moray_foundation001003.gif t_henry_moray_foundation001002.gif t_henry_moray_foundation001001.gif
Many have tried to make it appear
that they can build free energy devices;
however, the T. Henry Foundation is the only organization that has T. Henry Moray's notes.
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